Letter to President Biden

Read the recent article from The New Yorker here: English (영어) 한국어 (Korean)

Dear President Biden, 

We are Korean Americans from all across the great state of Georgia –  business owners, religious clergy, and community leaders. Many of our families fled the horrors of a communist dictatorship and became proud Americans who believe in liberty and justice for all. 

Adrian Hong, Christopher Ahn, and Sam Ryu are Korean Americans we are proud of. They have risked their lives for years to help others and now they are being hunted by the North Korean regime here in the United States. These men have suffered a grave and justice for over 20 months, and they continue to be unfairly persecuted for helping senior North Koreans escape. The safety and freedom of these brave men are of great concern to us. 

We write to you as a community, respectfully asking for your leadership in helping these men find safety and return to their families. 

No foreign nation should dictate what happens to Americans, especially ones who fight for human rights and freedom. We believe in America’s promise, and seek your assistance in helping right this wrong and bringing these men home immediately. 



Korean American residents of the great state of Georgia are particularly crucial: please consider lending your signature to support Adrian Hong, Christopher Ahn and Sam Ryu. They need our help!

  1. Please send us an email at friends@freefj.is with your name, location, affiliation and title as soon as possible, with subject: Georgia. (All support is appreciated, even if you are not a resident of Georgia)
  2. Then, please spread the word to our neighbors throughout the state to do the same. We can get these heroes home to their families for the holidays!