How you can help

How you can help

You can directly help free these innocent men and help the United States do the right thing. Our political representatives must be made aware and they must act if these men are to be freed.

Helping these men will only take a moment of your time. Click on each of the links below and you will find simple instructions and pre-written templates of support that you are free to use.

Please find the time to send to each of the five people below, and to sign our petition. A small amount of your time could lead to a lifetime of freedom for Christopher Ahn and Adrian Hong.

You can also contact the people below directly on Twitter and voice your support for Christopher Ahn and Adrian Hong. Please use the hashtag: #FreedomForFJ and #BringFreeJoseonHome to show your support.

You can also follow us on Twitter @freedomforfj and spread the word to your followers.

As we fight to secure the freedom of Christopher Ahn, please consider donating to his family’s GoFundMe (linked below) during these difficult times without him.

Free Joseon has also celebrated another group’s efforts to raise funds to directly support its activities. Please consider lending your support to another group as well: Support FJ (link below).

Thank you!

  1. Tweet President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken with this message: US Marine Christopher Ahn & Adrian Hong are heroes who must not be extradited based on North Korea’s lies. @POTUS @JoeBiden @ABlinken Please put America on the right side of history! #BringFreeJoseonHome #FreedomforFJ (
  2. Write to President Biden
  3. Write to the Secretary of State
  4. Write to your Representatives
  5. Call your Representatives
  6. Sign this petition
  7. Write a letter directly to Christopher Ahn, who is unjustly imprisoned by the US
  8. Write letters of Support about Christopher Ahn, Adrian Hong, or Free Joseon, that we can send to persons of interest or post on this website
  9. Donate to the Support FJ Campaign, another group that has organized to directly support the humanitarian, refugee, and relief efforts of Free Joseon.
  10. Donate to Christopher Ahn’s family via GoFundMe
  11. Sign up for our newsletter on our Contact Us page.
  12. Follow us on Twitter @freedomforfj

– Friends of Chris Ahn and Adrian Hong