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Subject: Help American Rescuers of North Koreans!

Dear Representative/Senator______,

[First line to identify yourself, and that you are a constituent, and if applicable, your military background and service]

I am writing to urgently ask you to help secure the immediate release of US Marine veteran Christopher Ahn, and to stop US efforts against human rights activist Adrian Hong and their colleagues.

These men and their organization have worked for years to rescue North Koreans from all over the world – including Kim Han Sol, son of Kim Jong Nam, who was assassinated by North Korea in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. They are leaders of the opposition against this brutal regime.

In March 2019, these men and others worked to rescue North Korean diplomats from the North Korean embassy in Madrid. The North Koreans got cold feet, and the rescue was aborted. In the aftermath, the North Koreans made false allegations that they had been targeted for robbery and beaten – allegations that a United States Federal Judge dismissed in 2022 for lack of evidence. Moreover, the United States does not recognize North Korea, a country the US is still technically at war with.

The government of Spain has sought the extradition of these Americans based on these false North Korean allegations. Spain recognizes North Korea and allows North Koreans in its territory. ALL North Koreans sent abroad are agents of the state. The FBI has certified that these men would face grave risk of assassination if sent abroad.

These men have already been languishing for nearly four years. Christopher Ahn has been under house arrest and unable to work, after being imprisoned for months in 2019. The FBI warned these men in 2019 that they should go underground due to the assassination risk, and the others (Adrian Hong and Sam Ryu) have done so, away from their families and loved ones for years.

These are men who have worked for years to serve others. Christopher Ahn is a former Marine who served in Fallujah, and served in charities and veterans advocacy organizations for years. Adrian Hong has been an exemplar of American values as a leading advocate for human rights and liberty his entire life, leading rescue operations personally to save North Koreans all over the world, and being imprisoned in China in 2006 for his efforts. Among many others, these men rescued Kim Han Sol, son of Kim Jong Nam, the brother of current leader Kim Jong Un, who was assassinated in 2017 by the North Korean regime. 

North Korea has kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Americans, including Otto Warmbier. North Korea regularly threatens to use nuclear weapons against the United States, and sells nuclear and missile technology to America’s enemies. North Korea continues to violate countless international human rights conventions and norms, imprisoning hundreds of thousands of its own people in concentration camps, and leaving many more near starvation.

Instead of honoring and supporting Ahn and Hong and their group for their selfless, extraordinary heroism, they and their loved ones are shockingly endangered, all at the request of North Korea. North Korea does not hesitate to harm dissidents, defectors, and their families abroad.

This cannot happen. The Secretary of State can deny extradition of these men, or work to find a solution with the government of Spain, especially since allegations by the North Koreans have already been thrown out. These men have decades-long track records of rescuing others and never using violence. Moreover, their rescue efforts fall under the political exemption clause of extradition treaties.

Our government must not work at the behest of foreign dictatorships to imprison and ship off innocent Americans to their deaths! I implore you to intervene before it is too late. Please help protect these men and return them to their families.

[Your name]