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Subject: Free Free Joseon!

Dear Representative/Senator______,

[First line to identify yourself, that you are a constituent, and if applicable, your military background]

I am writing to respectfully urge you to help secure the immediate release of U.S. Marine veteran Christopher Ahn, and stop the U.S. efforts against human rights activist Adrian Hong.

U.S. Marine veteran Christopher Ahn has been unfairly imprisoned by the U.S. government at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles for possible extradition to Spain since April 18, 2019. Additionally, prominent human rights activist Adrian Hong and his colleagues are being hunted by the U.S. Marshals on the orders of a foreign country.  

This is all based on false and dubious claims made by North Koreans that these Americans “attacked” their embassy—a noted center of illicit activity—in Madrid in February 2019. After all, North Korean diplomats must lie about what happened to ensure their own safety. Ahn and Hong were seen being invited into the embassy to have a conversation with embassy staff for nearly 5 hours in what seems to be a defection and hand-off of information. The North Korean embassy never filed a police report, and upon return to the United States, Adrian Hong provided critical electronics to the FBI: an enormous intelligence coup benefiting U.S. national security. Why would a group who had allegedly just committed a crime voluntarily inform the FBI and hand over electronics?

These men and their colleagues spent their lives serving others and protecting innocents at great personal risk and sacrifice. Christopher Ahn is a Marine Corps. hero who put his life on the line for our country in Iraq, serving from 2000-2006 as a Sergeant in the 5th Battalion of the 14th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division. Adrian Hong has been an exemplar of American values as a leading advocate for liberty and human rights for his entire life, leading rescue operations to save North Koreans and being imprisoned by China for his efforts in 2006.

North Korea has kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Americans, including Otto Warmbier, and regularly threatens to use nuclear weapons against the United States, while selling nuclear and missile technology to America’s enemies. North Korea continues to violate countless international human rights conventions and norms by imprisoning hundreds of thousands of its own people in concentration camps, and leaving many more near starvation. Instead of honoring and supporting Ahn and Hong for their selfless deeds, they and their loved ones are shockingly being endangered, all at the request of North Korea. If extradited to Spain, they will be easy targets for a North Korean dictator who does not hesitate to assassinate his enemies and their families abroad.

This is immoral, an insult to civic minded citizens and our troops, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The President, Secretary of State, and Attorney General have the discretion to deny extradition for these men, who have never committed any crime. Furthermore, these men fall under the political exemption clause of extradition treaties. Our leaders cannot work at the behest of foreign dictators in imprisoning and shipping off our fellow Americans into the hands of a tyrant!

As an elected official, I implore you to intervene before it is too late. We ask for your help in raising their case and protecting these men and their families.

[Your name]